A versatile program to print cards, envelopes or commercial labels from Windows The list of addresses in the program you can create or by editing or by importing a CSV file of the year. There is a possibility, with this tool to import addresses from programs such as Thunderbird, MS Outlook and others. In addition, this program allows you to add your envelope preliminary figures formats. The optimal print size is automatically selected according to the printer settings. And he can run and turning the printed file, so it is possible to move a little and put the sender and the recipient address (the margin distance). Print return address is optional. This program is able to print the logo on the very envelope.

Yes Great for businesses that have multi colored logos or have photographic images.

DL Plain Pocket strip seal envelopes

Size : 220 x 110

A5 Plain Pocket strip seal envelopes

Size : 229 x 162

A4 Plain Pocket strip seal envelopes

Size : 324 x 229

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